Workshop with Olga Sorokina




SATURDAY 19.9.2015 at 10:00-12:00
Mad House Helsinki



Some time we all dreamed about the future. In the workshop I’d propose to remember your dreams maybe from the early childhood about the future and to imagine that it was really happen. We could dance, speak, stay still from this point and experience the live what never happen, as a “real” futurist dreams.



Olga Sorokina

Olga Sorokina is a Saint Petersburg based dancer, choreographer, and festival organizer. She spent her college years at the Electronics and Technical University, though most of her time was thrown into studying theater. In her theater work, she became aware of fullness of motion, stage presence, improvisation, the search for new forms and new choreography. Her passion led her to open her own studio, and then the dance company Lesnoy Dom, which continues to produce work to this day. Looking back on the 1980s and 1990s, Sorokina describes the work she did with the company as part pantomime, part student theater, and part avant garde performance art. During this critical time for modern dance in Russia, she worked with Sasha Kukina, and participated in the festivals organized by Slava Polunina. Following the fall of the Iron Curtain, Sorokina and her colleagues discovered contact improvisation, and participated widely and various European dance forums. Sorokina’s work as a producer is driven by her desire to learn and share new ideas with others, and to pursue projects that encourage personal creative development. Her main project over the past years has been the establishment of the annual BODY WORD dance festival (founded 2005).

Olga Sorokina’s performance The Variable Sense Pole (awaiting for a New Beauty) will be seen in the After Contemporary # 3 programme on Saturday 19.9.2015 at 17:00.




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