Workshop with Oleg Soulimenko




SATURDAY 19.9.2015 at 10:00-12:00
Mad House Helsinki


Communication and performing are the subjects of our workshop. We will work with personal movement languages in order to articulate and enrich them. We will experiment with basic things to create compositions by using space, time, perception and interaction. A different approach of dance, “simplicity” of movement, minimal dance and gestures, stillness, motion and text – these all are our tools to experiment and to create various scores and forms in which the sensations of the body and a mental focus could lead us to spontaneous compositions.

We will improvise our own improvisations, which are inspired by and related to our life experience. Presence and various states will play important roles. We will confront the energy of fragile states and powerful physical dynamics. Through the observation and exploration of our senses we will respond to one another’s material, thus altering the perception and helping to understand our original patterns.

This workshop is open to everyone who is interested in the practice of improvisation and who is looking for sources of inspiration to expand and reflect their own creative process.



Oleg Soulimenko

The Russian performance artist Oleg Soulimenko lives and works in Vienna. After studying engineering at the Moscow State Technical University, he decided to embark on an artistic career and trained as a dancer and performer at various theatres in Moscow. In 1990 Soulimenko founded Saira Blanche Theatre, whose provocative performances toured around the globe. From 1996 to 2000 Saira Blanche Theatre co-operated with Lux Flux, Vienna. They worked together on a method of making theatre without the theatre, of producing stage presence without directing. Within this constellation he performed all over Europe at dance and theatre festivals. Together with Tanzquartier Wien he curated East meets West a dialogue between Russian and Austrian artists. In 2010 with brut Wien he originated the exchange project Music here, Music there: Vienna – Moscow between Austria and Russia, which resulted in showings in Moscow and Vienna. He has been co-operating with artists like Lisa Nelson, Markus Schinwald, Meg Stuart, Jennifer Lacey and Steve Paxton. His latest performances were presented in international venues at festivals as Wiener Festwochen, Tanzquartier Wien, brut Wien and ImPulsTanz in Vienna, Performa 07 in New York, steirischer herbst in Graz, Tseh Moscow, Sophiensaele and Tanz im August in Berlin, Podewil in Berlin, Kunstverein Hannover, Theater Festival Impulse in Germany, Kaai Theatre in Brussels, Southern Theater in Minneapolis, MAK – Museum for Applied Arts in Vienna, Baltic Circle, Lentos Arts Museum in Linz, Kunsthalle Wien.

Oleg Soulimenko’s solo Meet the Shaman will be seen in the After Contemporary # 3 programme on Friday 18.9.2015 at 20:00.




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Oleg Soulimenko’s visit to After Contemporary # 3 has been made possible by the support of the Austrian Embassy Helsinki.

Austrian Embassy Helsinki