What and why?

The deconstruction that has taken place after the postmodern era changed the dancers’ relationship to ownership – everything is available and reproducible. Because the financial possibilities for art cannot rely on the ideology of constant growth anymore, there needs to be space for unproductiveness, slow production ideology, and grassroots activity. These need to be seen as viable, real alternatives. The era of grand productions and hierarchical structures has passed.

After Contemporary is a proactive agent in this change. It provides a platform and framework where commonly used terms of dance discourse – such as ’contemporary dance’ – can be discussed and deconstructed. The multifacetedness of dance can be articulated and highlighted.


After Contemporary strives to create a new and open, international collaboration form. The aim is to create a communal, collective and open discussion platform –a meeting point – for dance artists, where the state of dance and its possibilities can be discussed on a local and European level. In After Contemporary, professional dance artists gather around a shared topic: what is happening in the field of dance right now? What possible futures does the situation today open up?

The notions of international and network are at the core of After Contemporary: they provide a viewpoint for the theme. Each country, each locality, has its own history and development; the state of contemporary is never the same for everyone. What one considers contemporary might not be looked at as even modern in another cultural context. This multitude of viewpoints creates a fruitful and interesting context for interaction prozac pill.