Theme of After Contemporary

The content theme of the After Contemporary project is the future of dance: what can dance be after postmodern and conceptual dance. Modernism and postmodernism have geared dance into fragmented directions. Where is the future of professional dance art? What defines this future and how can it be discussed?

Through the internal discourse of dance art a larger theme is also addressed: where are we moving towards as humanity? What kinds of tools or knowledge is needed in our contemporary society? What role does dance play? How is dance in dialogue with society?

Dance is an ephemeral art form, without artifacts or objects. It is an art form that is done, gone and over, within short intervals. At the same time, it carries the history, present and future within, in the bodies of dancers, in the discourses and research in, about and around dance. After Contemporary is a means to examine this richness, to draw from the past but orient towards the future.

After Contemporary advances the regeneration of dance, its internal reflection and communication, both in each participating country as well as internationally. The aim is to create a new form of working: The project strives for a new way to encounter and advance artistic practice.

After Contemporary is different from many other networks or collaborative projects in the way that it is a thematic framework for active artistic process, a method for sharing and developing artistic practice. The aim is not to create a network as a self-serving purpose, but to develop working methods for art as research, documentation of artistic practice, perspectives and sharing.

After Contemporary strives for a renewed interaction between dance professionals.