Open Forum

SATURDAY 19.9.2015 at 19:00
Mad House Helsinki


Vera Lapitskaya: Post simple tense…EXTRACTION

Post simple tense…EXTRACTION represents the essence of a creative dialogue between two artists when in a form of improvisation and instant composition they are creating a performance. Both artists are interested in finding a way not to hold any certain form of dance or music, but instead allow them to appear and disappear constantly. This dialogue is about a reality of unknown in the process of creation an art piece. It is about simplicity and complexity which can be found there.

Performers: Vera Lapitskaya (dance) Natalia Koshelenko (music, sound)

Duration: 15 min


Pia Lindy & Heini Nukari: LAYERS – Two Improvisation solos

Pia Lindy and Heini Nukari both have a wide experience working with improvisation in performance. In January 2015 they decided to start to work together and share the process of making solo improvisations hoping to find new skills, layers, directions and to break some old routines. In the practice situations they are colleagues and mentors to each other.

Heini Nukari: “For me improvisation is a very accurate and concentrated working tool which allows me to continually regenerate and develop movement and vocal material. I like to be pushed out of my comfort zone towards unknown waters where I might not be sure about my identity anymore. I am interested in exploring the multiple human layers which we all have inside us.”

Pia Lindy: “How to jump into the unknown without losing myself totally or if that happens, what then? How to stay open to different kinds of dialogues and ways of articulating the unknown? How is the society embodied in me?”




Free admission.