Olga Sorokina, Elena Degracheva, Dmitry Trunov: The Variable Sense Pole (awaiting for a New Beauty)

SATURDAY 19.9.2015 at 17:00
Mad House Helsinki, Tiivistämö


This is a piece inspired by the Russian futurism and futurists: poet Hlebnikov, painter and poet David Burluk, painter and composer Michail Matushin and others. It is partly made by the score of David Burluk and Alexander Benua performance-provocation – “lecture” about the fine art painting. The hundred years of live performance changed the boundaries of “provocative” and “Epataje”. But the main question by that certain performance and many other futuristic performances – is it possible or not to create the new beauty? – is still not answered until now.

We took the structure from the old Burluk’s performance but filled it up by actual for us senses, looking for the rhyme to the hundred years old “New Beauty” research. What we are doing is not a search, because we know, where we are going. It’s neither an experiment, because we know what’s going to happen. And we are not a “young artists”. We are in that artistic age, when we are expected to like more traditional art, classical and folklore. Therefore what we are doing could be treated as a folklore dance – the dance of the folks, grown up at 90s in underground theatre studious of two Russian capitals, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and educated on the traditions of Russian “classical” avant-guard and futurism of 1920th.

Performed by Olga Sorokina, Elena Degracheva, Dmitry Trunov


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Triple bill:
Olga Sorokina & Elena Degracheva: The Variable Sense Pole (awaiting for a New Beauty)
Janne-Camilla Lyster: Yellow Purple Green
Sonya Lindfors & Anniina Jääskeläinen: Swag Lessons – selected parts