Liisa Pentti +Co

After Contemporary is an international project and network coordinated by Liisa Pentti +Co.Movie Carol (2015)

Liisa Pentti is one of the key visionaries of the Finnish dance scene. She has worked as a dancer, choreographer and teacher in Finland and abroad since 1986. Her inspiration is in continuously finding new ways to play with movement and create choreography. She is moving in a landscape where dance, performance and theatre are combined, and she is well known to question and explore the limits of performative expression. The art of the performer and her unique presence are the essence in Liisa Pentti’s work, and from that source she creates a recognizable and enchanting ambiance.

The dance group Liisa Pentti +Co was founded in year 2000. It has produced tens of productions and has performed in the Nordic countries, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary and Austria.

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