Janne Eraker & Wieland Möller: Improvisation for two

SUNDAY 20.9.2015 at 16:00
Mad House Helsinki, Tiivistämö


What do we do, after being educated as a (tap) dancer and a percussionist?

Often musicians are in the background of dance, either behind the dancers or on the side of the stage, or even only present through a recording. They are there to support the dance. Dancers on the other hand are there to be seen, not heard. Even the sounds of a tap dancer are often not really heard.

In this dialogue the two players have equal roles, as they meet in a musical dialogue. Both can take the lead or accompany the other, both are visible, both can express themselves in sound.

We are fascinated by the audibility of movement and the visibility of sounds. Sound and movement is our language, and we will use whatever we find necessary to connect with each other and convey our ideas to the audience.


Janne Eraker is a Norwegian tap dancer, living in Rotterdam (NL) and active in Norway, Germany and the Netherlands. She studied contemporary and modern dance in Oslo (Skolen for Samtidsdans), Rotterdam (Codarts) and New York (Dance Space). She works as a tap dancer in several bands, organizes her own projects, and regularly has musical encounters with great musicians and tap dancers from all over the world. For 2015-2018 she is a recipient of the artist grant from the Norwegian Arts Council.

Wieland Möller is a drummer, sound artist and performer in the field of jazz, improvised music and dance, based in Berlin. Environmental strains and the evolutionary process of the pieces of music stimulated by them are especially important for his work. Wieland works as a drummer with international bands of different stylistics, e.g. the Jazz Trio ATOS and his New York based Trio “Akvariet” which recently released the debut album «Akvariet”. Being a composer and performing musician, Wieland Möller has been involved in dance theater projects e.g. the Reykjavik Dance Festival, Danceworks Rotterdam, Prague Dance Festival and Perform(d)ance Stralsund. He has worked together and shared stage among others with the dancer Konrad Szymanski, Liat Magnezy, Agnija Seiko and Julyen Hamilton.