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After Contemporary @ NOFOD 2017

The Nordic Forum for Dance Research, NOFOD, is a non-profit organization that promotes collaboration between dance scholars and practitioners. The 13th NOFOD conference will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden 14th to 17th of June 2017. The title of the conference is Dance and Democracy.

After Contemporary: Future directions of dance as an art form and an artistic practice, presentation and discussion, will be presented as part of the NOFOD conference.

The session begins with a short presentation by choreographer Liisa Pentti, and a commentary by researcher Mikko Orpana. Followed by an open roundtable discussion.

This roundtable discussion focuses on future direction of dance as an art form and an artistic practice. How can we combine the horizontality of the virtual and the activity anchored in the digital procedures generated by algorithms with deep, vertical practices of the time-consuming individual work of dance making? How can we – and do we have to – take into consideration the history that is carried in the bodies of dancers, in the discourses and research in, about, and around dance. What future directions can be traced in what has been labeled as contemporary dance since the 1960s – a label which indicates something taking place in the moment of now? Has the time come to move on and leave Contemporary Dance behind? If yes, what comes after it? What kind of values embedded in the individual dance practices of contemporary and after-contemporary dance can be shared with non-artistic practices?


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After Contemporary @ ICE HOT 2016

After Contemporary will present a talk by Bo Madvig and an open discussion at ICE HOT Nordic Dance Platform, Copenhagen, in December 2016. The theme of the talk is the After Contemporary Mindset from a performer’s point of view.


Is there dance after contemporary dance? What is the future of dance and what defines it? After Contemporary is a three-year Nordic project (2015-2017). The aim of the project is to provide a framework and platform for artistic discourse and to enable interaction that is not tied to the production methods of contemporary dance. The project combines the principles of participatory democracy and research as artistic practice. Core members of the project are Liisa Pentti (Finland), Hilde Rustad (Norway), Bo Madvig (Denmark) and Olga Sorokina (Russia).

Stage artist and actor Bo Madvig will give a talk with the topic of “After Contemporary Mindset”, from a performer’s point of view, followed by an open discussion.

As a freelance artist Bo Madvig has worked, collaborated and performed with a range of the world’s foremost directors and choreographers, such as Sasha Waltz, Mark Tompkins, David Zambrano, Yoshiko Chuma, Kirstie Simson, Deborah Hay and Julyen Hamilton. From Cirque d´Hiver in Paris to a field on the Danish islands, from the jungle in South America to Volksbühne in Berlin, from the Royal Danish Theatre to Melbourne Arts Festival, Madvig has performed across the most of the world.


3.12.2016 at 13-15

ICE HOT Nordic Dance Platform, Copenhagen


(Open to all registered participants of the platform, free admission)


See info on the ICE HOT website:


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After Contemporary @ Seminarium#6

After Contemporary core members – Liisa Pentti, Hilde Rustad, Bo Madvig and Olga Sorokina – will take part in Seminarium#6 in Norway 4 – 5 June, 2016.

Seminarium is an art project that explores the intersection between seminar and performance. It is centred around a series of live events which take place in different geo-political locations and contexts in Norway. In this art project artists are invited to reflect upon their artistic practices and earlier works in a performative format and setting for an audience. By using the template of academic conferences staged and employed for an artistic purpose and accumulating experiences through highlighting specific topics, the project explores new ways to present and discuss artistic endeavours and enquiries. The aim is to enhance artistic development and knowledge in the field of dance and movement based art.

Pentti, Rustad, Madvig and Sorokina will present the After Contemporary project and concept.

For more information about Seminarium, please visit the website


Public Event: After Contemporary # 3 in Helsinki

After Contemporary # 3 event in Helsinki 18.-20.9.2015.

Mad House Helsinki, Finland.



After Contemporary # 3 is a weekend event 18.–20.9.2015 around the questions:

Is there dance after contemporary dance?

What is the future of dance and what defines it?

The event includes performances, talks, workshops, and discussions.


Come and join us for an inspiring weekend!






Friday 18 go to these guys.9.2015: Leaving the Contemporary

17:00 > Opening & Seminar
Leaving the Contemporary
Liisa Pentti & Riikka Theresa Innanen

20:00 > Performance (tickets 10 €)
Oleg Soulimenko: Meet the Shaman


Saturday 19.9.2015: Framing the Unknown

10:00-12:00 Workshops (20 €)
1) Oleg Soulimenko: Improvising and Performing
2) Olga Sorokina: Future in the past: Being futurist

13:00 > Seminar
Education After Contemporary
Pia Lindy, Olga Sorokina, Liisa Pentti

15:00 > Presentation
Presentation of Blaue Frau

15:30 > Panel discussion
Inclusive / Exclusive – why we should abandon the concept of contemporary

17:00 > Performance (tickets 10 €)
Olga Sorokina & Elena Degracheva: The Variable Sense Pole (awaiting for a New Beauty)
Janne-Camilla Lyster: Yellow Purple Green
Sonya Lindfors & Anniina Jääskeläinen: Swag Lessons – selected parts

19:00 > Free performance
Open Forum
Vera Lapitskaya: Post simple tense…EXTRACTION
Pia Lindy & Heini Nukari: Two Improvisation Solos


Sunday 20.9.2015: Variations of After Contemporary

12:00 > Performance for Young Audiences (tickets 6 €) in Finnish
Rea-Liina Brunou: Merimakkaraa etsimässä

13:00 > Seminar
After Contemporary from the Performers’ Point of View

16:00 > Performance (tickets 10 €)
Evgenia Andrianova: Quiet Conversation
Janne Eraker & Wieland Möller: Improvisation for two

19:00 > Performance at Diana Scenen (tickets 10 € from Diana Scenen; included in the event pass)
Blaue Frau: Some Plants Need More Light Than Others, But All Need At Least a Little

Mad House Helsinki
Kaasutehtaankatu 1/33, Suvilahti, Helsinki

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Three day pass (incl. workshops) 50 €.
Individual performance tickets 10 €, sold at the door.
(Performance for Young Audiences 6 €)







After Contemporary # 3 on viikonlopun kestävä tapahtuma 18.–20.9.2015. Tapahtuman keskeisenä kysymyksenä on, onko nykytanssin jälkeistä aikaa olemassa? Millaisia näkymiä nykyhetkestä aukeaa tulevaisuuteen? Tapahtumassa on esityksiä, puheenvuoroja, työpajoja ja keskusteluja.

Mukana mm. Liisa Pentti, Bo Madvig, Hilde Rustad, Olga Sorokina, Blaue Frau, Janne Eraker, Sonya Lindfors, Evgenia Andrianova, Janne-Camilla Lyster, Elena Degracheva, Rea-Liina Brunou, Pia Lindy, Aune Kallinen…