The core group of After Contemporary consists of Liisa Pentti (Finland), Olga Sorokina (Russia), Bo Madvig (Denmark) and Hilde Rustad (Norway). The first core group meeting was arranged in Helsinki in 2011. The starting point for discussion was the tradition of postmodern dance of the 1960s, which was regarded as a base conceptual dance and its establishment in major European festivals in the 1990s. Both Liisa Pentti and Bo Madvig graduated from SNDO in Amsterdam during the 1980s. SNDO was instrumental in bringing artists from the Judson-group to Europe in an era where that was considered highly marginal. In the 1980s the boom of Belgian dance was forming, which later created the structures for production.

At the eve of the 2010s, it seemed that one path of contemporary dance was trodden to the end. Simultaneously, the post-postmodern time still hangs on to its modernistic traditions. In the pressures of production, dancers and producers are painfully aware of these traditions and the limitations that they bring. Internal risk-taking within dance has diminished, as the mechanicalism of society is intensified.

Themes were further developed in joint sessions at BodyWord festival in St. Petersburg and at Full Moon Dance Festival in Pyhäjärvi. During Full Moon Dance Festival, a one-week long After Contemporary Camp was organized. In addition to the core artists, AC Camp included Keith Hennessy (USA), Marjo Kuusela (Finland), dramaturge Robert Steijn (Holland) and artistic director Bush Hartshorn (Denmark. AC Camp was open to all festival participants.

These meetings and sessions were so successful and beneficial that the core group decided to continue their collaboration and to further develop the framework of After Contemporary.

After Contemporary – International network and artistic framework for dance 2015–2017 is supported by the Nordic Culture Point (Kulturkontakt Nord).