After Contemporary @ ICE HOT 2016

After Contemporary will present a talk by Bo Madvig and an open discussion at ICE HOT Nordic Dance Platform, Copenhagen, in December 2016. The theme of the talk is the After Contemporary Mindset from a performer’s point of view.


Is there dance after contemporary dance? What is the future of dance and what defines it? After Contemporary is a three-year Nordic project (2015-2017). The aim of the project is to provide a framework and platform for artistic discourse and to enable interaction that is not tied to the production methods of contemporary dance. The project combines the principles of participatory democracy and research as artistic practice. Core members of the project are Liisa Pentti (Finland), Hilde Rustad (Norway), Bo Madvig (Denmark) and Olga Sorokina (Russia).

Stage artist and actor Bo Madvig will give a talk with the topic of “After Contemporary Mindset”, from a performer’s point of view, followed by an open discussion.

As a freelance artist Bo Madvig has worked, collaborated and performed with a range of the world’s foremost directors and choreographers, such as Sasha Waltz, Mark Tompkins, David Zambrano, Yoshiko Chuma, Kirstie Simson, Deborah Hay and Julyen Hamilton. From Cirque d´Hiver in Paris to a field on the Danish islands, from the jungle in South America to Volksbühne in Berlin, from the Royal Danish Theatre to Melbourne Arts Festival, Madvig has performed across the most of the world.


3.12.2016 at 13-15

ICE HOT Nordic Dance Platform, Copenhagen


(Open to all registered participants of the platform, free admission)


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