After Contemporary @ Seminarium#6

After Contemporary core members – Liisa Pentti, Hilde Rustad, Bo Madvig and Olga Sorokina – will take part in Seminarium#6 in Norway 4 – 5 June, 2016.

Seminarium is an art project that explores the intersection between seminar and performance. It is centred around a series of live events which take place in different geo-political locations and contexts in Norway. In this art project artists are invited to reflect upon their artistic practices and earlier works in a performative format and setting for an audience. By using the template of academic conferences staged and employed for an artistic purpose and accumulating experiences through highlighting specific topics, the project explores new ways to present and discuss artistic endeavours and enquiries. The aim is to enhance artistic development and knowledge in the field of dance and movement based art.

Pentti, Rustad, Madvig and Sorokina will present the After Contemporary project and concept.

For more information about Seminarium, please visit the website