After Contemporary @ NOFOD 2017

The Nordic Forum for Dance Research, NOFOD, is a non-profit organization that promotes collaboration between dance scholars and practitioners. The 13th NOFOD conference will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden 14th to 17th of June 2017. The title of the conference is Dance and Democracy.

After Contemporary: Future directions of dance as an art form and an artistic practice, presentation and discussion, will be presented as part of the NOFOD conference.

The session begins with a short presentation by choreographer Liisa Pentti, and a commentary by researcher Mikko Orpana. Followed by an open roundtable discussion.

This roundtable discussion focuses on future direction of dance as an art form and an artistic practice. How can we combine the horizontality of the virtual and the activity anchored in the digital procedures generated by algorithms with deep, vertical practices of the time-consuming individual work of dance making? How can we – and do we have to – take into consideration the history that is carried in the bodies of dancers, in the discourses and research in, about, and around dance. What future directions can be traced in what has been labeled as contemporary dance since the 1960s – a label which indicates something taking place in the moment of now? Has the time come to move on and leave Contemporary Dance behind? If yes, what comes after it? What kind of values embedded in the individual dance practices of contemporary and after-contemporary dance can be shared with non-artistic practices?


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