After Contemporary Events

The working methods of After Contemporary are both private and public. The artists in the core group work alone and together, around and about the theme, in both artistic practice as well as discourse. In shared events, the group gathers together to develop the public events of the project. Public events can take place in many forms and they can be part of various contexts. For example, events will be part of festivals. These events contain discussions, movements, debates, several different forms centering around the theme.

One of the aims of After Contemporary is to study the various working methods – what kinds to tools or methods can dance artists in particular develop, in the crossing between artistic practice and research. The actions move from one host country to another.

The structure is flexible and light. After Contemporary is a forum for sharing research findings, for performance, for workshops, and for artistic research. It is not a production-based collaborative project, nor network. It is not an educational network project. After Contemporary is a thematic framework for active working artists, and a channel for artistic sharing and research.Roblox Hack Free Robux



After Contemporary # 3 – public event in Helsinki, Finland 18.-20.9.2015


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